Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sure We HaveTraffic, it's Worth it to Live and Work in Cypress, Texas

Those of us who live, work or play in the greater Cypress, Texas area deal with traffic on a daily basis.  I've had friends who ask why I continue to deal with the traffic on Hwy 290.  They wonder why I don't move closer into the metro Houston area. 

If they lived in Cypress, Texas they would understand and they wouldn't ask.  Yes, I have to deal with traffic on those days that I travel outside of my homestretch.  Yes, traffic is bad, some days even horrendous.  But the pay off is worth it.

Great neighborhoods. Great people. Great small businesses. Great schools. Small town feel.

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  1. Some days I feel like I have spent an entire lifetime on I10 and other days it seems to flow just fine. You never exactly know what areas are going to be like a parking lot but you can usually rely on 290, 59, 45 and 610 if you're looking for a traffic jam!

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